5 Reasons to Move to HPE Composable Cloud for ProLiant DL

The HPE Composable Cloud offers many advantages for enterprises wanting to get the most out of an open hybrid cloud platform. Composability enables organizations to achieve hyperscaler-like speed and substantial flexibility. There are many reasons to move to the HPE Composable Cloud, including streamlining IT resource provisioning, creating a more secure business network, and leveraging artificial intelligence for optimization.

Deliver a Superior Hybrid Cloud Experience

This platform allows you to rapidly deploy private clouds and scale them as needed. You have full control over the type of experience that it offers, through software-defined automation, a composable fabric, built-in AI and other features. The enterprise has access to the type of cloud that best supports it as it grows and changes from project to project. It’s impossible to predict the future, which makes it difficult to invest in long-term IT solutions. When you opt for a flexible platform like HPA Composable Cloud, you’re able to see an excellent return on your investment.

Offer Everything as a Service

When the DevOps team needs resources, they don’t want to have to wait for a lengthy provisioning process. They need to react quickly to a fast-paced marketplace or want to go full steam ahead on an innovative project they’re starting up. By offering cloud resources on-demand, every team gets what they need, when they need it. IT administrative overhead goes down, because they’re not fielding every request for cloud resources. The DevOps teams are empowered to do that on their own, which reduces the opportunities for work disruption.

Optimize Operations Through Built-in AI

This cloud is constantly learning with the help of its built-in AI features. Predictive analytics provides valuable insights for data-driven decision making, so each step forward is an improvement. The system is constantly optimizing the environment to better suit the unique needs of your enterprise. You’ll discover new opportunities with the help of this platform.

Eliminate Shadow IT

Shadow IT leads to many problems in enterprises, from security issues to cost overruns. When the IT team lacks full visibility into the cloud resources in-use throughout the organization, trying to optimize workflows or improve collaboration is nearly impossible. HPE Composable Cloud brings your cloud-based resources back under control and into compliance, without compromising on all of the benefits that make this technology great. If something goes wrong or you need to make changes, you only need to head over to your own data center rather than waiting for a third-party provider to get back to you.

Run Every Type of Workload on One Cloud

Having to go out and buy equipment specifically for supporting a particular workload is a burdensome prospect. Once your operations change, you end up with leftover hardware that’s either stored in an unused room somewhere or shoehorned into a purpose that it wasn’t built for.

The HPE Composable Cloud eliminates this waste and inefficiency by supporting every type of workload on a single private cloud. This platform gives you on-demand cloud resources that are optimized for many configurations, ranging from containers to bare metal.

The HPE Composable Cloud is an essential platform for enterprises needing to decrease their time to market and to increase DevOps productivity. Customers expect you to be innovating to meet and exceed their expectations. This open hybrid cloud platform is here to make that happen.