Helping IT Departments Allocate Resources Efficiently with HPE Synergy Composer

The HPE Synergy Composer uses one infrastructure to run any workload. This system improves efficiency and control to deploy IT resources quickly through a single interface. As a software-defined solution, HPE Synergy enables you to compose flexible pools of physical and virtual compute, storage, and fabric resources into any configuration for any workload. Here are a few ways to implement the HPE Synergy Composer so that it generates a noticeable difference in your organization.

Delivering AI and Data-Driven Innovation

AI and analytic technologies are a common sight in many enterprises. Supporting the applications leveraging them requires an infrastructure that is flexible, powerful and adaptable to modern needs. An Integrated HPE and BlueData solution offers a foundation that makes working with this category of applications much easier. You end up with an AI and machine learning platform that is easy to deploy under the as-a-service model. This platform supports many environments, such as the public, hybrid, and multi-cloud. You drastically decrease the time to deploy your solution, as you can access the necessary resources within minutes.

The automated deployment allows your analytics, data scientist and AI teams to focus on their projects, rather than waiting for weeks or months for all the infrastructure to be configured. Scaling is a simple process, allowing these teams to always have access to the technology they need as they work with complex algorithms, massive data sets and other resource-intensive assets. As the amount of data collected increases, platforms such as HPE and BlueData become more important to maximizing the business value of that information.

HPE Synergy Composer Solutions

  • HPE OneView: This is an infrastructure management software that allows you to look at your network as software-defined for resource allocation. Your compute, networking and storage resources come together in this solution to give you better visibility and control over these assets.
  • HPE Synergy: This hardware embraces composable infrastructure by giving you a software-defined experience that adapts to any application, offers powerful automation capabilities, and gives you on-premises deployment speed and scaling capabilities similar to the cloud.
  • HPE Composable Cloud for ProLiant DL or Synergy: If you prefer a hybrid cloud model in your organization, this HPE solution speeds up your time to market and removes limitations on your company’s scaling.
  • HPE Composable Fabric: If you want to start off with composable, software-defined infrastructure through your networking capabilities, this networking fabric solution delivers improvements in your business agility, scaling capability, and overall adaptability.

Why HPE Products are Necessary for Your Infrastructure

Speed, scaling and business agility are characteristics that every company needs to embrace to compete in their markets. When innovation can make everything change in an industry overnight, having an adaptable infrastructure becomes a business necessity rather than a “nice to have.”

Software-defined infrastructure gives your development teams room to experiment without needing to wait on new equipment. They can take more risks and spend less time waiting for resource allocation. Faster deployment and time-to-market can make a big difference throughout your enterprise, and allows you to embrace more opportunities.

Many companies already have measurable benefits from HPE Synergy implementation. For example, RioCan Real Estate Investment went from 14 servers down to 8, reducing their costs and data center footprint.

For example, HPE Synergy composable infrastructure requires fewer steps and less time than Cisco UCS. In a study conducted in October 2017 at a datacenter, HPE Synergy made it easier to deploy a server using the HPE Synergy Composer and HPE Image Streamer, requiring less than half the steps and saving 22 minutes compared to using Cisco UCS. When installing firmware and applying OS patches, Cisco UCS required extra time and steps spent to apply some firmware updates separately. HPE Synergy Composer leverages familiar enterprise management components, so only 10.5 minutes and four steps were needed to complete the task, saving over 15 minutes and 12 steps compared to Cisco UCS.

HPE Synergy gives you the opportunity to bring in innovative technology that’s capable of moving your organization to a software-defined infrastructure, even if you want or need to stick with on-premises equipment. When everything speeds up and becomes more efficient, you realize the advantages at all levels.