Reducing Our Client’s Downtime with HPE Synergy

HPE Synergy is composable hardware that’s designed to support your company’s workload through one infrastructure. This technology brings your compute, network equipment and storage together and powers the configuration through software-defined architecture. You get an experience that feels like the cloud when it comes to speed, ease of deployment and flexibility. We leveraged HPE Synergy to reduce our client’s downtime. Every second counts when it comes to your mission-critical systems. The redundancy, high availability, and scalability of this system help us achieve that goal.

Redundancy Guarantees Uptime

We set up the HPE Synergy system with redundancy in mind. Hardware failure can strike at the most inconvenient times. By setting up multiple Synergy composer units, your business maintains its uptime by automatically changing over to the other unit. Your IT staff doesn’t need to have a manual intervention to make this happen and operations are not interrupted by unexpected downtime. This redundancy is also important as part of your business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

Easily Scalable

HPE Synergy has several features that create a highly scalable infrastructure. With your storage, compute and networking capabilities centralized through this technology, the powerful management software streamlines scaling your capabilities up and down.

You have support for physical and virtual workloads, as well as ones utilizing containers. The flexible resource pools empower your organization with the correct resources that it needs for any operation. You maximize your hardware investment by your resources being used in a variety of ways rather than stranded when they’re no longer needed as a purpose-built system.

Automated Resource Allocation

HPE Synergy focuses on reducing the amount of hands-on allocation and configuration work that your IT team must do. This system uses a template system to choose the setup necessary to support different use cases. It comes with templates for many popular solutions and your IT team can create its own.

If you already have images for your preferred server configurations, you can load these onto the system for automated deployment. IT specialists can set these templates up in advance to speed up resource allocation and adapt to changing business needs. The HPE Synergy resources can adapt throughout the day, if needed. For example, the company’s call center may need a system that supports video chat during business hours. After the call center closes for the night, the infrastructure can switch over to processing business analytics.

The software intelligence technology built into this equipment reduces the opportunities for human error during resource allocation. The quick and easy resource management process limits the chances that equipment gets overloaded due to improper configuration. The setup process is nearly instant for this system.

If your equipment doesn’t have a template available for your intended usage, it has a unified API with many third-party partners. This API has many developer-friendly features, reducing the potential for extended downtime. All it takes is a single line of code to create a test environment.

Modern businesses can’t afford extended downtime. Your revenue and reputation ride on having a reliable and available infrastructure. HPE Synergy gives your company a robust infrastructure that avoids being overly complex. The intelligent configuration and provisioning functionality frees up the IT team and improves consistency in your operations. Composable equipment is a better fit for today’s workloads, which can change overnight. Leveraging HPE Synergy as part of our client’s IT infrastructure gave them the uptime and redundancy they needed.