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Optimize Technology to Serve the Public Sector

Work with a Partner Who Understands Your Unique Needs and Challenges

ACP CreativIT has been helping local and state government entities throughout the nation to optimize their use of technology to increase productivity and support constituents for over 40 years.

These decades of extensive experience implementing and managing technology hardware and software solutions in government facilities gives us a unique vantage point to help you from start to finish. Whether you are in need of an assessment of your existing environment to gain insights and create a plan for technology implementation, need a partner to help design and assist with an RFP project, or are looking for a partner with extensive buying power to procure and install, ACP CreativIT can assist in whatever part of the process you are in.

Cloud Technology Solutions

Weapon & Metal Detector

Detection is the first step in security of your buildings. As physical security experts in education spaces, our team has deployed solutions that fit your exact needs, including:

  • No pat-downs required

  • Passive, no radiation

  • Speedy throughput

  • No calibration required

  • Portable

  • Video capture and archive

Emergency Notification

In a dire situation, we understand how important it is to get the right messaging out to your faculty. We have designed and implemented many solutions around emergency notifications that include:

  • Dedicated badge system for two-way communication

  • IP-based or non-app, non-cellular reliant

  • Instant notifications

  • Natural disaster, active shooter and drill alerts

  • Healthcare emergencies, i.e. heart attack or seizure

  • Request janitorial assistance

Remote Worker Solutions

Many organizations first moved to remote work in 2020 during the pandemic. With plans to return to the office, many organizations are now implementing hybrid work environments, wherein their employees can work both in the office and at home, whether due to illness or for greater flexibility from the employer.

ACP CreativIT offers extensive solutions in the remote work environment, including:

  • Cloud-based environments

  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

  • DaaS (Device as a Service)

  • Remote Desktop Service (RDS)

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

With any of these solutions, our organization can assist in migrating your existing infrastructure to the new solution as well as assist in the planning and executing of a phased approach to deployment.

Payment Kiosks

The world continues to migrate toward touchless environments, and government is no exception. With solutions like payment kiosks, you can automate payments for utilities, taxes, courts, jails, housing, permits, code enforcement and more.

Check out more here.

Cloud Services

Cloud transforms organizations and allows for secure, mobile and future-proof infrastructure. Our tenured team of cloud specialists have a long history of providing strong solutions to government organizations to increase savings, allow for flexible capacity and much more.

Learn more about our cloud solutions here.

Managed Services

Allow your IT team to focus on what's most important by utilizing our managed services. With over 30 years of providing managed services, we have a long-standing history of excellence and helping organizations be more effective and efficient by taking the day-to-day tasks off yours or your team's task list, including:

  • Help desk calls and tickets

  • Software updates and patching

  • Backup and recovery

  • & much more

Learn more about our managed services division here.

Council Chamber Agenda/Meeting Management

ACP CreativIT has over 40 years of experience providing solutions for council chambers, including remote meeting solutions and integrated AV solutions to allow for streamed and interactive, remote meetings.


Software Licensing

With our organization's buying power, we can assist in negotiating and procuring your licensing. Additionally, we can support your licensing through deployment, migration and much more.


Digital Signage

Digital signage isn’t just a way to present information, it’s a way to engage and inspire. Grab your audience’s attention as soon as they enter your facility with a customized message, videos or photos alongside pertinent information for your business.

ACP CreativIT offers each piece of technology needed to get a digital signage solution to convey the message you desire, whether you’re looking for a single standard display or a fully customized shape and size, we partner with the top manufacturers.

Learn more on our digital signage page here.

Modern Data & Ransomware Protection

In today's world, everyone is a target. There's a new cyber security attack or breach on the news daily. Ensure your organization is protected with solutions from ACP CreativIT. We offer holistic security solutions that include:

  • Assessments

  • Design

  • Pen testing

  • Compliance

  • End user training

With solutions from notable names like:

Security Cameras & Access Control

Keeping employees safe is one of the highest priorities. As physical security experts with dedicated staff, ACP CreativIT can assist in achieving your goal and provide the most stringent safety measures. Our team has designed, installed and maintained:

  • Security cameras for internal and external viewing

  • Visitor management

  • Door entry control

  • Real-time alerts and notifications

  • Time and attendance integration

  • Biometric integration

  • Analytics-driven alerts and notifications

Have a question? Let us help.

If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team – we're here to help!

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