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Video Surveillance Solutions

Real-Time and Forensic Monitoring

Providing a Safe Environment

Every organization’s goal is to protect its people and ensure their safety. Video surveillance solutions are one of the most effective ways of providing real-time and forensic monitoring to keep your people and property safe.


Comprehensive Systems

When you work with ACP CreativIT, our Physical Security team will perform a full analysis of your current environment. Based on our findings we make educated recommendations for your exact needs, ensuring your solution is the right solution from the get-go. Video surveillance is much more than just cameras—these solutions can also include advanced analytics; sensors for vaping, gunshots and aggressive behavior; as well as thermal imaging.

Video Surveillance Solutions Benefits

A comprehensive digital IP-based video surveillance system offers:

  • High-resolution HD with greater detail and resolution than analog systems
  • Night-vision in low light applications
  • Real-time access to live and recorded video
  • Analytics-driven alerts and notifications
  • Access to video while on-the-go via mobile devices
  • Integration to access control and other systems
  • On-prem, cloud and cloud-hybrid solutions

Why ACP CreativIT?

ACP CreativIT has been providing physical security solutions for over 30 years, starting with analog systems and now current IP technology. Our focus is to help you achieve your goals, and overcome any challenges you are currently faced with by providing a custom solution based specifically around your needs. Our team is certified with the top partners who specialize in cutting-edge technology to provide you with a solution for now and the future, which also include open architecture solutions so you aren’t forced to use one specific manufacturer’s cameras or software. ACP CreativIT has installed solutions for various organizations and is able to provide services for existing systems, design and install new system, and assist in migrating your old system to a new, more secure technology.

Our certifications include:

  • Axis Certified Professionals
  • Milestone certified design engineers
  • Milestone certified integration technicians
  • Milestone certified integration engineers


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