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Cloud Phone System

An All-In-One Solution

Flexible, Scalable and Cost Effective

Today’s workforce has evolved from phone calls and working at a desk. Employees are expressing the need for mobility, instant messaging and audio and video conferencing in an all-in-one solution that is easy to understand and utilize. How do you gain access to these tools without breaking your budget? Welcome to a cloud phone system. 

What is Unified Communications as a Service?

UCaaS (short for Unified Communications as a Service) has two pieces to it. Unified Communications refers to the ability to utilize many forms of communication in one system, i.e. telephony, voicemail, chat, email, and web, audio and video conferencing. This enables end users with mobility and seamlessly integrates third-party solutions—making your team more efficient.

The second part, ‘as a service,’ references the ability to use the software and run your business from anywhere, anytime. By investing in a UCaaS system, you negate the need to buy infrastructure or hire a full IT team to support your phone system—ACP CreativIT and our vendor partners would take care of it for you as part of your service contract.

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Why Cloud or UCaaS?

Operational vs. Capital Expense

Utilizing a cloud phone system gives you the ability to pay monthly versus investing every few years in data center hardware, handsets and software investments to support your on-premise phone system. With leasing options for handsets, you can move your entire phone system to a monthly agreement.

Utilize Your IT Resources on Other Important Processes

Moving your phone system to the cloud gives your IT staff greater capacity to focus on other functions of their job. The cloud provides auto updates, and less maintenance and management by your IT department.



A cloud phone system offers a great solution for the move many organizations are making to work-from-home or work-from-anywhere policies. This type of system allows for workers to be anywhere and still have access to their desk phone for easy connection to their voicemail, chat and more.


Multi-site Locations

Because the cloud phone systems are not located on premise, they offer flexibility for organizations that have multiple locations or staff outside the office. With a traditional on-premise phone system, if your on-site solution goes down, everyone goes down. The cloud keeps you up and running even if your on-site solution is impaired. It also requires you to do all the updating and patches, whereas a cloud system is fully managed by the manufacturer.



Scalability is becoming more important to organizations across the country. This feature with the cloud system allows you to increase or decrease your licenses quickly and without a large expense. You can also select the features for a specific license, giving you the ability to scale up or down the features needed for a specific user.

Enhanced Security

Cloud phone providers have stringent measures in place to keep your phone system secure. Rather than having to keep up with the software updates and educate yourself on the vulnerabilities to your phone system, the cloud provider will do it—saving you time and valuable resources within your company.


Ease of Use

UCaaS platforms give you access to administrative portals, giving you the ability to make changes in a few clicks, whether it be adding a new phone line for a new hire, changing features for a specific line and more.


Stay Current

For each update to an application, integration or platform itself, these updates can be done remotely with ease. Traditional phone systems required downtime and man-hours. UCaaS updates save you time and keep you efficient.


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Why ACP CreativIT?

At ACP CreativIT, we are committed to providing world-class technology solutions, with an unwavering commitment to our customers. Our process is defined in four parts: design, source, deliver and support.

The first phase, design, entails an in-depth meeting to uncover your goals, challenges and vision. We then take the information and design a custom solution tailored to your exact needs.

Upon approval, we then utilize our strong partnerships with vendors and distributors to get you the best value while staying on-time and in budget.

Once the product arrives, our trained and certified technicians will come onsite to deliver both the product and services outlined in your project.

We strive to offer support for the project before, during and after. Our team will answer any questions you may have and work to continually provide best-in-class customer service. Once the project is installed, we will train your staff on the product to ensure a smooth transition to your new system. Additionally, we continue to support you after with maintenance options and upgrades.


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