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Logistics, Deployment, and Warehousing

IT Infrastructure and Creative Solutions 

Take the Stress Out of Deployment with Solutions From ACP CreativIT

ACP CreativIT has been offering creative IT solutions since 1984. Many clients expressed a need to have their IT infrastructure configured prior to shipping to avoid in-the-field costs as well as allow their IT staff to focus on more important items. Utilizing the creative IT approach, ACP CreativIT began offering logistics, deployment and warehousing solutions in 1994.

Services Include

Procurement & Warehousing

As a Platinum Partner for HP, HPE, Dell and Lenovo, we’re able to leverage our vendor relationships and buying power to negotiate the most competitive pricing for our customers.

In addition to our buying power, we also offer warehousing as a value add to our RDS clients. Say goodbye to waiting on product when you need it most with pre-buys and storage solutions from ACP CreativIT. This gives you the ability to purchase a larger amount of end points up front and deploy as needed through our Rapid Deployment Services. As a holistic service, RDS allows you to rest easy knowing your endpoints are ready for deployment when you are.

Configuration & Imaging

As RDS specialists having deployed hundreds of thousands of endpoints for clients, our team is highly skilled and can configure and/or image any endpoints or data center hardware you may need. Our facility and team create efficiencies for your organization and allow your team to focus on your day-to-day operations rather than using that time to image and configure endpoints.

Asset Tagging, Podding Services & Customized Application Stacking Services (CASS)

As RDS specialists, we ensure the utmost accuracy and efficiency in your deployment, down to asset tagging each endpoint, palletizing items to be shipped to specific sites and setup instructions for the receiver. During this process we are meticulous to ensure the enduser experiences the greatest efficiency and ease when kits are received. We also are able to customize and assist in documentation writing to include with the kits deployed for pinpoint delivery. When assessing your needs, we ask the right questions to ensure each detail is thought out, planned and executed to ensure not only accuracy, but efficiency both for your IT team as well as your end users who receive the product.


Staging & Deployment Services

ACP’s home office in Buffalo Grove houses a configuration center and large staging and warehousing center. With this space, we’re able to manage thousands of units for deployment, so no matter the scale of your refresh, we can assist and store until your deployment date.


Asset Recovery & Redeployment Services

As a valued technology partner to our clients, we’re also able to assist in recovering lost or stolen assets from your deployment, and/or replacing these units in whatever quantity needed.


Storage & Warehouse Distribution Solutions

ACP CreativIT partners with ABCO Systems, a premier provider of storage solutions and warehouse distribution for businesses. They have worked with a wide range of industries for over 40 years. Their primary objective is to satisfy the needs of their customers, which means they're not satisfied until you're satisfied. They work closely with their customers to create customized solutions and positive business experience.

To learn more about ABCO Systems, click here.

Rapid Deployment Services Defined

RDS, at its simplest definition, utilizes the ACP CreativIT team for negotiating on behalf of our clients with world class, tier-one manufacturers for cost savings, supply chain management, configuration, imaging, asset tagging, podding services and Customized Application Stacking Services (CASS).

Our process make us an extension of your team, allowing your IT team to focus on other projects and their day-to-day work. Our RDS model is flexible and scalable, ensuring we’re able to meet whatever timelines your project holds.

Additionally, our RDS solution provides a cost savings for our clients versus in-the-field deployments where IT staff or third-parties are performing the configuration, imaging and more. Our desire through these projects is to become a trusted advisor to you and your team for deployments and ensure efficient and effective rollouts.

Past Deployment Examples

  • 10,000+ pharmacy/retail stores located through the U.S.

  • 34,000 unit refresh

    • 4 different core images

    • Application stacking

  • Duration: 4 months

  • Timeline: Initial request was 2,000/week

    • Client requested 15,000 in a three-week timeframe, with our flexible model we are able to accomplish requests such as this

  • ACP CreativIT value proposition is our flexibility and scalability

  • 80,000+ pharmacy devices through the U.S.

  • 9,200 locations • Customized Application Stacking Services (CASS)

  • Customized Podding Services

  • Field Deployment Services (FDS)

  • Asset Recovery Services

  • Project management offering pinpoint delivery solutions

  • Refresh of 17,000 devices

  • Customized Application Stacking Services (CASS)

  • Customized Podding Services

  • Field Deployment Services (FDS)

  • Asset Recovery Services

  • Project management offering pinpoint delivery solutions


Why ACP CreativIT? 

Our team’s first priority is you—we want to ensure we fully understand your vision and utilize the tools, products and our knowledge base to create a custom solution meeting the guidelines you’ve given.

ACP CreativIT’s AV division consists of over 40 trained and certified designers, engineers and installation technicians, including CTS, CTS-D and CTS-I certifications.

We have partnered with many organizations in various stages of updating or integrating AV. We frequently work with architects, and can assist in writing a bid package as well, ensuring your bid package entails everything you need to create a successful space.

Our AV division is engineering and design driven, meaning our department focuses on creating the custom solution to fit your exact needs rather than finding a box-product solution.

Additionally, our customers have told us our drawings are much more accurate earlier in the process, accounting for nuances others don’t catch, saving time later in the project and setting realistic expectations.

ACP CreativIT also differs from other companies in that we have additional divisions other than AV for IT, voice and phone, physical security and managed services solutions. With these additional resources, we’re able to utilize other technologies and our knowledgeable staff to deliver an all-encompassing solution.

Our Process

Our approach entails four key points: envision, engineer, execute and engage.

Envision: We have a consultative approach. Our first step is to meet with you and ask questions to learn about your goals, as well as learn about your budget and timeline. Based on our findings, our trained and certified staff will design a tailored solution for your needs. Our focus is to achieve your vision and assist in engaging your audience.

Engineer: Once the design is approved, we work with our distribution and vendor partners to get you the leading-edge technology you need. Our strong relationships give us greater buying power to keep your project in budget and on time.

Execute: We deliver on our promises, as well as physically deliver and install the solutions for your organization. Our skilled installation team and programmers bring the custom solution from your design to life, ensuring the end result is exactly what you envisioned.

Engage: Upon the solution being installed and programmed, ACP CreativIT offers training to ensure your team knows the ins and outs of the solution, providing a positive experience for your employees. We also offer ongoing maintenance options, as well as future upgrades.


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