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Apple™ Business Manager: Deployment Made Easy

Deployment of Apple™ devices has never been easier thanks Apple Business Manager. This web-based portal provides IT with the luxury of granting employees with access to Apple services, setting up device enrollment, and distributing apps, books, and software from a single location.

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IT departments should take time to investigate if Apple Business Manager is a worthwhile supplement to existing MDM (mobile device management) or EMM (enterprise mobility management) tools. The program is known for seamless compatibility with many major on-premises and cloud-based MDM and EMM tools.  

Apple Business Manager gives IT the ability to perform a multitude of tasks with greater ease and efficiency than ever before. Devices can be configured automatically with MDM, streamlining the setup process for employees who will still have the freedom to customize as needed. Applications can be deployed in bulk without the hassle of having to touch each device directly.

Also, devices can be queried for settings and content, and if a device is lost or stolen it can be remotely wiped or locked. Additionally, the opportunity to monitor compliance of policies including encryption and app usage is possible. Privileges for users on your IT team can be assigned to go along with the creation of Apple IDs for employees.  

Apple Business Manager allows you to integrate with any environment, furthering its value to your organization. 

Wi-Fi and Networking 

Secure wireless network connectivity is equipped on Apple devices. Industry-standard WPA3-Enterprise and 802.1X help provide built-in security to access those networks. You can also enjoy peace of mind knowing your devices will remain connected as they move across access points thanks to enhanced roaming capabilities.


Apple devices can be easily configured for secure access to your corporate network due to the built-in support for VPN. Regardless of the network your organization has in place you will know data in transit is protected. 


Popular email services work with Apple devices to offer instant access to push email, calendar contacts, and tasks over an encrypted SSL connection.  

File Providers 

The Files app can be used to grant instant access for employees to third-party cloud services, including Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Google Drive. All files are conveniently available on all devices. Corporate file servers can be accessed seamlessly from Apple devices thanks to built-in support for file sharing with SMB and WebDAV. 

Directory Services 

Directory services can be utilized effortlessly for managing identity and other user data, such as Active Directory, LDAP, and Open Directory. 

Identity Providers 

Single sign-on (SSO) extension framework is supported by the latest versions of iOS™, iPadOS™, and macOS™. SSO eliminates the frustration of having to be asked multiple times for login credentials as you move from app to app or website to website. Corporate applications require just a single sign-on. Multi-factor authentication is supported, and IT teams have the opportunity to configure authentication from cloud identity providers during the device setup and initial enrollment.  

ACP CreativIT and CCCP are happy to help your organization enjoy the benefits of Apple Business Manager, such as increased support functions for IT—leading to reduced costs and increased device and data security. Contact us to talk to one of our experts today. 

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