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HPE Discover 2023: Our Takeaways

Our team was excited to be among the many impressive vendors and service providers at HPE Discover 2023. From groundbreaking innovations to industry trends and thought-provoking discussions, this year’s event left us inspired and ready to work with the future of technology.

Here we share our highlights of HPE Discover 2023, like the influential keynote addresses, immersive product demonstrations and meetings with like-minded professionals.

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Our Highlights

Andy Lynch, Senior Account Executive:

“OpsRamp was a jaw-dropping reveal at the show during the keynote by Antonio Neri. Last year’s announcement that the GreenLake central management platform would allow customers to seamlessly manage their HPE offerings within one interface still left open the need for customers to manage their non-HPE environment elsewhere. The acquisition of OpsRamp now encompasses all HPE and non-HPE elements of the customers’ full IT stack into the management platform.

In effect, the solution monitors, observes, automates and manages IT infrastructure, resources, workloads, and applications through its comprehensive visibility into multi-vendor, multi-cloud environments.”

Julie Roberts, Director of Procurement:

“The highlight this week was learning more about HPE’s cutting-edge technology with AI. More importantly, was having direct exposure to our distributors fostering a deeper relationship with them which I feel will continue to grow moving forward.”

David Kieper, Senior Enterprise Consultant took advantage of the opportunity to gain new certifications.

“By preparing for and passing two ASE (Accredited Solution Expert) examinations to obtain my Edge to Cloud Solution Architect and Storage Architect certifications, I can now demonstrate mastery of the entire HPE product portfolio.”

“The HPE Greenlake portfolio of products continues to be a major differentiator between HPE and other compute, storage, and network product manufacturers,” Kieper added.

Dave Pisani, EVP of Operations, noted how AI was a fresh new element of the HPE discussion as they entered the AI public cloud market, with industry-leading supercomputers and an emphasis on instilling trust.

“AI is the most disruptive technology in human history,” Pisani reflects.

He also noted that Partner Ready Vantage, a leading OEM program for “classic transactions,” allows us to differentiate by combining our services with HPE to deliver meaningful business outcomes to our customers.

The Gen 11 servers also provide a “major improvement” over former versions, especially considering their power consumption relative to output.

Finally, the event had a lot to say on the important topic of sustainability. Here are some tips:

  • Reuse systems (certified used versus just recycled) to get more life out of them.
  • Different technology impacts the globe in different ways. For instance, infrastructure product waste is primarily in how customers use the technology.
  • Servers that are five years old consume 66% of the power yet do only 7% of the work.
  • 32% of data collected is not being used.
  • Don’t start from scratch on our sustainability journey – use what you have done already.

HPE Discover 2023

The HPE Discover 2023 event was a highly beneficial gathering that showcased the cutting-edge innovations, strategies and solutions shaping the future of technology. The event’s focus on sustainability and responsible innovation further emphasized HPE’s commitment to creating a better, more connected and environmentally conscious future.

With the unveiling of groundbreaking technologies and the exchange of invaluable insights, HPE Discover 2023 left us energized, informed and ready to embrace the possibilities that lie ahead. As we reflect on this event, we can’t help but feel excited about the new ways we’ll bring about advancements for our client partners, thanks to the transformative power of technology.