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Technology In Practice: Romo Durable Graphics NextGen Managed Services

IT directors know — if you don’t have tech support to help solve everyday usage issues, many critical IT projects never make it out of your backlog.  

As the lone technology specialist at Romo Durable Graphics, IT Director Andrew Weisse found himself in this situation – frequently toiling with addressing level 1 issues like usage problems, network outages and forgotten passwords.  

To scale their business and outperform competitors, Romo recognized that they could not afford to have their IT director’s time dominated by everyday troubleshooting.

Romo Office-3

That’s why Andrew and the leadership team at Romo sought out the help of their long-time partner, Camera Corner Connecting Point, the Green Bay division of ACP CreativIT's family of technology solution providers.

When Romo brought their situation to the CCCP team, the group quickly decided to implement NextGen Managed Services for Romo, to help Andrew offload the maintenance tasks that might dominate his time otherwise.

“I could finally do things I’d been neglecting for years that needed refreshing and updates. With CCCP making sure the end users could resolve their tech issues quickly and get back back to work, I can implement solutions to get our servers, networking and cyber security up to modern standards,” Weisse says.

About Romo Durable Graphics

Romo Durable Graphics is a Wisconsin-based company with 55 licensed users and 75 computers in use between their three locations. Like most modern companies of this size, they’ve embraced a hybrid work model, which CCCP helps support.  

“This partnership allows us to have people work remotely with fewer issues, which has been a great thing,” Weisse says. “As long as we have secure technologies and Internet connection, our employees can get CCCP’s help.”

A Local Touch

Having a helpful hand just around the corner was also a considerable benefit for Weisse and his team. The peace of mind gained from having that local touch helped offset the natural rough points of any transition period.

“Knowing that we’d be working within the United States and even better right here in Green Bay was huge for comforting our staff,” Weisse says.  

No Waiting Period

Before Romo Durable started using our Next Gen Managed Services, they had to wait for an overloaded or out-of-office person to respond. Now there is no waiting period. Weisse says most issues are resolved in a 10-minute time frame. 

“We make durable graphics. It's not like we’re responding to emergencies. But, our customers want their graphics on their equipment in a timely fashion. So, we take it very seriously. We can’t have IT issues slowing down the fulfillment of our customer’s needs,” Weisse explains.

Cost Benefits

Like any savvy IT director, Weisse is concerned with keeping down costs. Because of this partnership, he no longer has to worry about the cost of IT cutting into the company’s bottom line.

“Hiring people is expensive. Now that I work with CCCP, I don't foresee hiring another full-time IT person; that need isn't there because we already have a local resource with CCCP,” he says.

Those added savings are now invested in software, hardware and consulting to keep improving and scaling their IT organization.

Crisis Avoided

And it’s not just the day-to-day minutiae that CCCP helps with. The NextGen Managed Services team is also incredibly beneficial in times of crisis.

When Romo Durable Graphics’ go-to program for opening PDFs, a necessary part of their work in printing, suddenly stopped working for them, we were able to quickly step in to get a safe alternate solution rapidly onboarded so there was no disruption in service for their customers — and the team was able to heave a sigh of relief.

“Some people on the team are more technically challenged, and they find the CCCP people very accommodating, willing to help and even therapeutic. They assure people it will be okay, and sometimes that’s exactly what they need to hear,” Weisse says.

All in All

“If you're a company with one IT person, I couldn't recommend a better, more knowledgeable service provider. They’re professional and kind to our people. I can buy my products and solutions from them, as well as be supported by a team and part of an experienced and reliable group of IT professionals,” Weisse says.