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The Case for Co-Managed Services with NetAssist

No more frustrations and wasted time on technology issues. The flexible co-managed service offerings of ACP/CCCP's NetAssist division relieve your day-to-day IT worries!

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Co-managed services allow your company to be more hands-on in the management of your technology solutions. There is a shared responsibility between the co-managed IT provider and your company. Being involved to some degree is often seen as a benefit for companies and will free up time of the current IT staff for innovation. Co-managed IT offers more flexibility to adapt to changing needs and allows for new operations to be added with ease.

There are numerous benefits of the co-managed service model that your company can capitalize on. For instance, your IT team can take the night off because our co-managed service team offers support outside of your normal business hours. Also, the ability to augment your IT staff will help maximize their time. Let NetAssist handle the routine maintenance and troubleshooting while also providing you additional support during peak demand periods.

In addition, your business will have access to IT expertise on demand so there is no need to sweat an issue that can’t be resolved internally. Boosted productivity will also be a result of a co-managed service model because we will cover routine maintenance, upgrades and patches which will result in more efficient systems with fewer interruptions.

Finally, increased security is a huge advantage of the co-managed model because your business can reap the benefits of NetAssist’s security investments and remove security monitoring and upgrading from your task list. The need to invest in expensive software and hardware is all but eliminated because we place a great deal of time and money into security and IT compliance infrastructure.

Regardless of if a co-managed or completely managed approach is best for your organization, there are countless benefits that can be directly translated into cost savings. NetAssist will ensure the right people and the right resources are allocated in the most optimal way possible, which results in financial benefit. When your users are unable to work, you lose money.

In fact, IDC estimates that unplanned downtime costs organizations $58,118 for every 100 users. Server downtime accounts for 12.4 hours a year lost for the average employee while network downtime cost 6.2 hours a year. NetAssist can combat this by reducing downtime by more than 85 percent. NetAssist will also streamline and better manage costs related to licensing, training and consulting.

The IDC study showed that $146,801 per 100 users was saved every year just on infrastructure costs. Outsourcing all, or event part, of your IT department you can free up your IT staff’s time to focus on their core responsibilities as opposed to resolving user issues or fixing malfunctioning equipment. In relation to reallocated staff resources, and the resulting ability to bypass additional staffing cost, an average of a 42 percent increase in productivity was noted by IDC.

Additionally, NetAssist can help your organization since you will be paying for services through a low monthly investment as opposed to spending thousands of dollars on hardware and software upfront. The resources tied up in managing your business technology is greatly decreased since the services are operational expenses and not capital expenditures.

Keeping your organization’s technology up to date will not result in additional charges because updates are included in your service. Additionally, partnering with NetAssist will lead to more predictable monthly costs allowing your organization to be more flexible when investing in different sectors of your business.

NetAssist also provides immediate access to experts who can get back to normal oftentimes in minutes when a disruption pops up. Everyone knows time is money! Finally, scaling your business up or down is simple with NetAssist in your corner giving you ultimate flexibility to adapt effortlessly to your changing workforce.

Co-managed services plans can include the following:

Server Management

  • We proactively monitor your most critical assets, your servers and can alert you 24 x 7. With our advanced analysis, we can help resolve issues before they become problems and cause unwanted downtime. We keep your systems up-to-date with maintenance patching and reporting.

Desktop Management

  • We run scheduled health checks to ensure your computers stay healthy and remain trouble-free.

HelpDesk Services

  • We are only a phone call away. Our technicians use state-of-the-art software to remotely resolve your issues.

NetAssist co-managed services provide affordable, proactive IT management and support catered to your business. We keep your computer systems up and running while ensuring your people and business stay productive. Our team of experts will give recommendations on how to reduce any areas of vulnerability they may detect to alleviate the risk of downtime.

We pride ourselves on quick response times to keep you productive when it’s most important. We also prevent latency by ensuring no process is slow due to the network. No company is too big or too small to certify you have the right products in place to protect your data! We are happy to perform an assessment and give advice based on your specific business and recommend what precautions you should take. 

In addition, we’ll simplify your IT administration and management by optimizing your network, managing your infrastructure from a single location, automating deployment, backup and upgrades, and lowering the cost and complexity of managing your servers and desktops.

An IT environment that is reliable, scalable and well-supported combine to boost your overall business productivity. Investing in co-managed services with NetAssist will lead to positive ROI and countless benefits that result from our expertise and the ability to keep your IT department’s focus on their core responsibilities. Let NetAssist be your trusted partner for helping your business take advantage of the significant cost and operational benefits our co-managed services have to offer!

If you are interested in learning more contact us.  You can also visit the NetAssist website here. We are happy to assist your business with managed backups using Datto, IT co-managed services, firewall and virtual security management, managed cloud services, transitioning to telework and more!