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The Move to Cloud Networking Makes Sense

Every year it seems the expectations surrounding IT and the wireless network grow larger and more complex. The assumption is there will be less downtime, increased services, better app performance and reduced security risk. With more and more being asked of businesses and no additional funds or resources available the situation gets tough. However, the adoption of cloud-managed networking can provide a feasible solution.

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The move to cloud networking involves to the ability to manage network hardware and software using the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. It has grown in popularity and, according to Gartner, the adoption of cloud-managed networking is expected to double by the end of 2023.

Eliminating hardware and the resources needed to host traditional on-premises services with Cloudnetworking offers the immediate benefit of cost and time savings. Less hardware means more space in the server rack and the disappearance of associated warranty contracts.

In addition, less energy is needed to power and cool the appliances and fewer man-hours will be invested in maintaining the rack and periodically upgrading the system. Hardware-based infrastructure with a heavy CapEx investment is pushed to the wayside, and using cloud networking provides relief to the OpEx side by allowing budget distribution to other impactful areas of the business.

Since you never pay for more than what you need you can invest in additional licenses and hardware as your business expands. The agile nature of cloud networking is key because as growth occurs you can adapt to changes that tax large staffs of experts or small teams with a broad knowledge base alike.

Amongst all the benefits of cloud networking, perhaps some of the most significant come in the form of operational advantages. For instance, all devices and users are accounted for regardless of their physical location. This broad visibility and control allows for the ability to manage, troubleshoot and apply configuration changes from a singular location. The hassle of traveling to remote sites is a problem of the past. Your IT team will have the chance to focus on developing new services that improve business functions.

Additionally, they will have more time thanks to the fact new features and updates are developed and delivered automatically with high frequency. The responsibility of orchestrating updates and dealing with bug fixes is on the vendor. The playing field is leveled with cloud networking since resources are provided to collect and analyze data, recognize trends, and provide insights that improve network operations.

Often times, in the past, these resources and requirements were cost-prohibitive for smaller organizations. Finally, since there is nearly no ramp-up time, cloud-based solutions provide noteworthy time-to-market and time-to-value that can help achieve a competitive advantage for your business.

Rightfully so, concerns over security, application availability, and connectivity are common when considering cloud-managed networking solutions. Finding a stable, secure, and trusted platform, such as Aruba, is of the utmost importance. Choosing a vendor with a wide-ranging portfolio of products and solutions that embrace industry best-practices will lay the foundation of success for your cloud networking roll out.

While simplicity is important, it can be the downfall of some light-weight products. Business-grade solutions require more, and Aruba delivers. With the goal of providing the confidence needed to support the fast-paced, mobile-first environments we live in, Aruba offers a variety of operations and assurance solutions.

  • Aruba Central: A unified cloud-native network operations and assurance platform
  • Aruba SD-Branch: A simplified, secure SD-WAN and branch operations solution
  • Aruba Device Insight: An intelligent, machine learning based solution for device discovery, profiling and visibility

These solutions work both individually and collectively to support Aruba’s full portfolio of indoor and outdoor access points (AP’s), switches and branch gateways.

ACP CreativIT is happy to help your organization utilize cloud networking to expand and support new initiatives, navigate increasing security threats, or replace outdated technology. We understand reducing costs and saving time for your IT team is essential. Contact us to talk to one of our experts today our cloud solutions page here.