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The Business Benefit of Using Apple™

What is the business benefit of using Apple?

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Apple’s™ reputation of going the extra mile will pay financial dividends for your business. Durable materials are used in the design of Apple products, ongoing operating system updates help support devices, and ease of repair is kept in mind if something were to happen. Apple products are built to last and the commitment to durability is exemplified in their Reliability Testing Lab.

In the lab, real-world conditions are amplified in an effort to enhance design durability. Mechanical stresses, such as sudden impact with a hard surface, and climate tests, such as exposing devices to extreme heat, cold, or humidity, are used to help make improvements. Chemical sensitivity tests are also conducted to see how devices respond to accidental spills such as coffee, sunscreen, or ketchup. Products are often pushed beyond their limits in order to better study what happens in these scenarios.

CT scanners and electron microscopes are used to understand the impact to the microstructure. With this information, designers and engineers at Apple are able to improve durability. This cycle is repeated during the product development process until each item passes the rigorous performance standards Apple has in place. 

To demonstrate how much of a financial benefit Apple can provide to your business, Forrester conducted a study on organizations that were largely PC-based before moving to an Apple employee choice program and enterprise Mac™ deployment. It was found that challenges such as PC imaging processes were manual and time-consuming, employees were using their own unsupported Macs, and acquisitions led to an increased number of Mac devices in their environment.

Improved security reliability and performance of hardware became top of mind for organizations. The study found organizations made the move to Apple for easier management, improved employee experience, and the ability to work on a more secure platform. While reduced IT support costs were certainly noted, other benefits such as enhanced employee productivity and engagement along with improved overall security were also found.  

With the data gathered, Forrester developed a composite organization that reflects the business benefit of using Apple with the total economic impact that Mac could have on an organization.  

Quantified Benefits 

  • On a per-device basis, Mac costs $628.31 less than comparable PCs when factoring in three-year support and operational costs. 
    • Less time needed to provision Mac 
    • Fewer service tickets opened and when they are opened, they are easier to resolve 
    • Higher number of Mac devices can be managed per IT full-time equivalent 
    • Less energy needed to operate 
  • On a per-device basis, Mac costs $50.25 less than comparable PCs when considering three-year hardware and software costs, despite the upfront acquisition cost for Mac being $500 higher.  
    • While Macs cost more upfront, this is offset to a degree by the cost of a comparable PC that the employee would otherwise need to order, and differences in residual value for the devices 
    • No need to purchase an OS license or software maintenance contract for the Mac  
    • Underlying architecture and included security features eliminate the need for additional endpoint security licenses 
  • Reduced risk of a data breach by 50 percent per deployed Mac 
    • Mac often has a more fundamentally secure architecture than PCs resulting in a decreased risk of a security incident 
  • Improved employee performance and engagement, resulting from a 20 percent improvement in retention rate, 5 percent increase in sales performance, and 48 hours of increased productivity per employee over three years.  
    • Due to: 
      • Improved machine performance 
      • Reduced employee frustration with work technology 
      • Improved employee engagement leading to an increase in discretionary effort, performance, and retention rate 

Along with the significant financial savings, another benefit of Apple is the simple software updates. Since all Apple devices are designed to be upgradable and the upgrades can be accessed across various generations of products, more users are able to enjoy new software features. The update process has a high adoption rate when compared to other platforms due to the simple and efficient process.

Not only is operating system consistency an advantage for users, but it also makes for easier management on the IT side. With that being said, the affordability of Apple products stems from these easy software updates in combination with highly durable hardware and a worldwide network of repair providers. This means high residual value can be achieved over the device’s lifecycle.

Finally, the intuitive nature and seamless deployment of Apple products make it easier for business users to do more with less help. Studies have found that support tickets are down 50 percent for Mac users and on average are costing 25 percent less to resolve. 

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