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Edge-to-Cloud Adoption Framework: HPE strengthens GreenLake

HPE announced Sept. 28 its latest advances toward cloud offerings. The updates can be broken down into three subset categories: Edge-to-Cloud Adoption Framework, analytics and data protection.

1200x627-Blog-HPE GreenLakes IT Consumption Model

The Edge-to-Cloud Adoption Framework allows for a comprehensive, proven set of methodologies, expertise and automation tools to accelerate and de-risk the path to a cloud experience everywhere.

GreenLake for analytics allows you to take data and applications stored anywhere, whether it’s in the cloud, at the edge, or on premise, and connect all the information together and run analytics against it. This can create great efficiency for larger organizations that have hybrid environments, and allow for a greater understanding of your business based on data, increase automated workflows, and increase artificial intelligence and machine learning opportunities.

“We’re seeing in the marketplace a move to the cloud while many of our customers still maintain some on-premise environments,” said CTO Marc Lemke. “This new offering brings disparate systems into one solution, providing simpler data analytics through a single pane of glass. We’re excited about the efficiency and effectiveness this tool will bring to our clients.”

The last, and possibly most exciting announcement in relation to the latest GreenLake announcement, is the updated data protection. This new data protection offering includes ransomware disaster recovery capability and a new backup and recovery service for VMware.

“This makes backup and disaster recovery very easy to setup and manage being in one system and solution rather than several integrated together,” Lemke said. “GreenLake now combines the technology of HPE’s securest servers in the world with the necessary services to provide data protection and recovery.”

The GreenLake offering for data protection cloud services allows for clients to recover from ransomware attacks within minutes, minimizing downtime and negative impact to business.

“We partner with the best of the best,” said CEO Scott Dunsire. “HPE continually innovates to ensure the most efficient and secure operations for clients around the globe. As a platinum HPE partner, we’re excited at the positive impact these new solutions will have for our clients.”

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