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HPE GreenLake Podcast With ACP CreativIT's Dave Kieper

We are absolutely thrilled to share the exciting news that Dave Kieper, a prominent figure at ACP CreativIT, has been handpicked for a remarkable opportunity. He has been chosen to engage in a captivating discussion centered around HPE's groundbreaking consumption-based model, GreenLake. This insightful conversation will take place on an engaging podcast, where Dave Kieper will be joined by none other than the esteemed HPE PointNext Executive, Dave Twohy.

1200x627-Blog-HPE GreenLakes IT Consumption Model

GreenLake stands as a monumental paradigm shift that has the potential to revolutionize the landscape of IT operations. Its core philosophy centers around outcome-based consumption, ushering in an era of unprecedented simplicity in IT management while simultaneously liberating valuable resources. What sets GreenLake apart is its unique ability to seamlessly integrate the finest attributes of both public cloud and on-premises IT infrastructure, effectively eliminating the need for compromising between the two.

For those eager to delve into the intricacies of this groundbreaking advancement, we extend an invitation to click on the provided link. This will grant you access to a thought-provoking, 13-minute podcast session, during which the myriad advantages of embracing this ingenious as-a-service model will be expounded upon and elucidated. Your understanding of the future of IT will undoubtedly be enriched by this enlightening discussion.

Click here to listen to the 13 minute podcast and learn the advantages of this as-a-service model!