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Understanding Downtime Cost

The cost of downtime threatens your business more than you might think. Here’s how.

Of all the different factors that can cause system downtime, including human error and natural disasters, ransomware sits atop the mountain of threats.

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A pandemic and geopolitical unrest have created an environment where critical infrastructure, supply chain, and valuable data are under constant assault by cyber criminals and nation-state actors…and ransomware is their favorite tool. In fact, businesses are falling victim to a ransomware attack every 11 seconds, on average. Incredibly, nearly half of businesses worldwide are hit by ransomware each year.

Phishing emails are often the preferred attack vector and poor user practices, along with a lack of cyber security training are key reasons why ransomware attacks have become frighteningly widespread and effective. And what is the end result of a successful ransomware attack?


In the aftermath of an attack, valuable time and resources must be dedicated to validating and restoring systems and data. Businesses need to repair networks, restore backups (assuming they have them), and replace lost devices. That all leads to a costly and crippling period of downtime, valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars, on average. Interestingly enough, the downtime following a ransomware attack can cost the affected business as much as 50x more than the ransom itself!

To better understand what a downtime event could mean for your business, check out Datto’s Recovery Time & Downtime Cost Calculator here.

Partnering with a managed service provider (MSP) such as ACP CreativIT helps your business develop a cyber security strategy which will significantly reduce the risks involved with a cyber attack.

Additionally, our cyber security experts will equip you with a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plan which will aid in quickly restoring key information with minimal disruption, reducing downtime during an incident, helping maintain regulatory compliance, and ensuring root cause analysis so you can be better prepared for the future.

We can also assist in providing maximum resiliency for your business by implementing features such as ransomware detection, two-factor authentication, instant virtualization, secure cloud backup, rapid rollback, and fast failback.

A multi-layered cyber security approach is necessary to limit the consequences of downtime. Contact us today to discover what your business can achieve (and avoid) with the proper technology and trusted cyber security expertise!