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Small Business Operations Benefit from Business Continuity Plans

When it comes to small business operations, did you know that approximately 40 to 60 percent of SMBs that experience a total shutdown of operations never reopen?

Is your business willing to roll the dice on those odds?

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Cyber attacks, hardware failure, power cuts/natural disasters, human error, and malicious sabotage are all real threats that have the capability impact operations and send your business to it’s grave if not taken seriously.

While most companies are fighting a constant battle to streamline efficiency and maximize uptime, they often ignore planning for what happens in the event of a total shutdown where the fallout can be catastrophic. Steps must be taken to safeguard your business, ensuring data protection and the ability to maintain smooth operations regardless of what event pops up. A tested business continuity plan is critical to achieving this.

In the unfortunate incidence of a disaster or disruption, a strong business continuity strategy allows your company, your employees, and your customers to maintain usual business operations with minimal disruption. This step-by-step business process must be detailed enough to ensure smooth business operations, yet resilient enough to be effective in a multitude of scenarios.

If you think a traditional backup option may be the answer for your company, think again. Traditional backup is time consuming and often comes with lengthy downtime along with a high failure rate during restoration. On the other end, high availability is complicated and often not financially feasible for SMBs. However, business continuity is an affordable and automated all-in-one solution which creates the ideal balance!

This eBook from Datto summarizes why business continuity makes the most sense for SMBs.

ACP CreativIT has experts who would be happy to help your business create, deploy, and regularly test a business continuity plan. Contact us to get in touch today!